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prodrumernate 09-17-2012 06:38 PM

female black molly sucked in filter
1 of my black mollies was sucked into a DIY powerhead filter where the air hose hooks up..thought she was dead.when i turned it off to my surprise she was swimming a little.shes guessing she was like that for quiet a while.thought she was hiding and then noticed her say over night atleast as when i did notice i thought she was dead and had to run to the store to get groceries.then came back to get her out.

shes in a 20 gallon hex with rosy red minnows and other male black mollies...

not heated but inside apartment doesnt get lower than 75..

live plants,fake plants and big decor for hiding..

DIY powerhead filter and DIY moving bed filter..i have since put a net over the outlets to keep fish from getting into it as i have lost a small male in it..

she has around where she was stuck what looks like whitish clearish stingy stuff..shes eating and acting normal for the most part..its been a few days..where he was sucked at has lost the black on her scales.but on both sides for some reason.

guessing now she is infect?

any ideas what i should do?and if i should treat her?i have a lot of different meds and salts and a hospital just worried about the fuzzy stuff on the location where she got hurt at..ill try to take some pictures.but my phone doent have focus

prodrumernate 09-17-2012 06:46 PM

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this is about the best i can do..the spot is on the back close to her tail fin

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