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Christople 09-17-2012 05:29 PM

African Cichlid Tank
In the near future I will be getting a 75 gallon tank was wondering if I could manage shell dwellers with Tropheus Duboisi and Tropheus Moorii. By shell dwellers I mean N. Multifasciatus and N. Brevis and also N. Brichardi.

Tazman 09-18-2012 07:24 PM

Sorry but the tank is even to small for both the Tropheus. They need to be in groups of at least 12 otherwise you will have aggression issues. That means 24 fish in a 75g, and not small fish either, they both get to about 5".

Tropheus are also very prone, more so than other cichlids to getting bloat, they absolutely must be fed a very high vegetable matter diet supplemented with algae, if not they will get bloat and die...sorry but its the truth. Never feed them Brine shrimp or soft easily consumed food, it can cause bloat again and bloat is nearly always fatal in African Cichlids. Romaine lettuce and spinach should be their diet and fed daily without fail.

It would require a 125g or larger tank to keep anymore than 1 male, usually 1 male to 10 female is about the correct stocking, they are very co-specific aggressive (meaning aggressive to their own kind - both males and females)

If you had a larger tank of 125+ then you might be able to do the shell dwellers but not in this size tank.

Tropheus need a lot of work to get a tank that works. It is extremely rare you will get a group of less than 12 get along without major aggression.

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