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DragonFyre14 09-16-2012 05:24 PM

Guppy has ripped tail?
Today I had my mom bring me to Petco so I could get a few more female guppies. (my ratio was a little low and both makes kept harassing one of the females) anyway, i found two pretty guppies and ended up buying them. They (along with pretty much all the others in the tank) had pretty ripped up tails. One of the workers said it was just cause they get a little nippy when they got shipped here and that their tails will grow back just fine. Is this the case or do you think it is something else? Is there anyway to help them grow their tales back sooner? Any help would be much appreciated.
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SnailM 09-17-2012 12:07 AM

I'm certainly no expert at this, but I do have a tank full of guppies myself. I read that guppies can grow their tail back, but you need to keep your water very clean by doing frequent water changes. It is also important to keep the fish's slime coat healthy, because that is their first defense against parasites, bacteria and other infections. Fish stores carry products that promise to help with the slime coat. Keep in mind that the nipped tail may never look the same, depending on how bad it was to begin with. If big chuncks are missing or the tail is ripped all the way, it may never repair itself. Good luck!

DragonFyre14 09-17-2012 07:25 AM

It doesn't appear as if any real damage was done. it looks like the ends are just slightly frayed. I did a small water change last night before i added them (after drip acclimatizing them) and intend to do another small change either tonight or tomorrow. I added a bit of stress coat hoping that will help them and it seems it has already. their colors are much more vibrant already.

SnailM 09-17-2012 09:09 AM

That's great news! :-D Post an update in a while to let us know if it worked.

I have so many guppies by now that even if one of them has frayed fins, I have a hard keeping them apart. So when I look again a day or so later, I don't know if I'm looking at that guppy or a different guppy with the same problem. There used to be a time when I had only three. :roll:

fryup 09-17-2012 10:45 AM

Guppys will grow there tail bk after a scrape or a bite. .... Sometimes they can catch there long flowing tails on tank decour so it's not always something to worry about :):):)
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DragonFyre14 09-17-2012 03:48 PM

Okay. I'm going to have to buy another bottle of stress coat. mine is getting kind of low. does anybody have a specific brand they recommend? (preferably one they usually have at petco or petsmart.) also I currently have one fry (my female either had a very small drop or they ate all the others before i could find them i don't know.) anyway does anyone have a food they would recommend to feed it? i've been just crushing up the tropical flakes small but he doesn't seem too interested.

DragonFyre14 09-18-2012 09:11 PM

One of the guppies has begun recovering incredibly well. She swims around the tank happily (often with the two males trailing behind her) you can hardly tell her tail is/was damaged. There is still a clear spot in the middle (really hoping its just because she's healing)
However my other female is on the opposite end of the spectrum... She seems to have gotten much worse. Her tail has lost all of its color (it's hardly even their anymore) and the base of her body where the tail attatches looks damaged too... She's having trouble swimming too. I can't quite tell if she's sick or if her tail is just really badly damaged... I moved her into her own 2.5 gallon for now with a much weaker filter and hope that'll help her heal. Although I do fear she isn't going to last much longer.
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