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emma9177 09-15-2012 10:02 PM

pregnant guppys
hi im new to this site and have just started breeding guppys,i have 4 females and 4 males,from the looks of my females thay all seem to be pregnant but at diffrent stages....
i have one gold looking guppy female that i cant see her gravid patch?is this because of the diffrent coulor she is?because she has been getting very big,much bigger than the rest of my females???
what should i do?should i put her in a breeding box till she has the fry...or is it to stressfull for her,,and what if i put 2 females in a breeding box will that stress them out less????:lol:

DragonFyre14 09-15-2012 10:51 PM

Okay first off you should have at least 2 females for each male so the males dont harass the females constantly (it can really stress them out.) Sometimes you can't see the gravid spot. On an orange one I used to have her gravid spot, instead of being black was an orange that kind of blended in. I wouldn't really recommend using the breeding trap... But if you are going to use it don't do it until right before she gives birth. (you might have to lose the first batch of fry just to see how she behaves right before. Every guppy is different.) and I don't believe adding another female will make it less stressful. I think it would make it worse but I'm not sure.
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