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Aquatic_Fan 02-01-2008 10:36 AM

Quick Question
Just need to know......umm iv had my 10gal set up for about 1-2months with live rock in it. I was just curious to know am i supposed to do water changes ? I know iv been adding water because the water evaporates but when the water evaporates does the nitrates/nitrites stay in the water or does it evaporate along with the water? I don't have money yet to buy a test pretty broke right now but a friend was telling me to do water changes

Let me know thanks

Zule 02-01-2008 05:42 PM

Yes, you should be doing partial, weekly water changes. About 15-25% of the water would be ideal. The filter can't keep the same water clean forever, so it would be really beneficial to your fish if you changed some of the water every week. With the changes, some of your water parameters will change. If you have any ammonia or nitrites in the water, partial water changes will be beneficial, because you don't want these. The level will go down with each change. But until you find a test kit we can't know. Go ahead and do a partial water change, but remember to add something to remove the chlorine first if you use tap water, otherwise your fish will be harmed.

And I know those test kits are expensive. If you can manage it, get the API master liquid test kit. My local petco sells them for $30, but if you can look around online you might be able to get something cheaper. I got mine for $15 on eBay, which included the shipping costs.

Good luck to you.

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