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DragonFyre14 09-14-2012 08:32 PM

Female guppy gave birth! :D
So one of my female guppies finally gave birth. (she was looking like she was going to explode.) i'm not entirely sure how many fry she gave birth to.. I know it was at least 2 because i was able to net one and place it in the breeding trap and I saw another one in the filter... i tried getting him out (it looked like he was still alive) but he went back into the tank before I could catch him.
Anyway I guess my main question is, the guppy fry is able to slip out of the breeding tank, so naturally it keeps slipping out into the tank. i don't mind this but i'm slightly worried he's going to get eaten or won't be able to get enough food. none of the other guppies seem to interested in him and he's managed to survive almost two days in there... Is it likely that the other guppies will try to eat him? will he be able to get enough food?

(on a side note my albino bristlenose pleco seems to be missing. i haven't seen him in almost a week. i checked all his favorite, and all available, hiding spots both with a flashlight and by picking them up and inspecting them. i haven't been able to find him at all and under his favorite spots i found some white things floating inside which i quickly netted up and threw out, one of the things looked like some intestines... :(
so I'm pretty sure he's dead. seeing as I can't find his body though, I'm not entirely sure. is it possible that the guppies munched on him? or could his remains have gotten sucked up into the filter grate? I'm going to miss him and I'll be sad if he died, but i'd just really like to know what happened to him. Is it possible he jumped out?)

DragonFyre14 09-24-2012 06:15 PM

Update: Bought a new mesh breeding trap by penn plax. I love it! Sometimes if I close the tank lid a bit to hard it will fall off and into the tank. I've had this happen multiple times and have not yet had the fry try to escape. I've even unhooked it and flipped it upside down in the water (to get and excess food that had settled on the bottom out.) and he still stayed in. He's grown about twice almost three times as big as he was when he was born.

djembekah 09-24-2012 07:02 PM

did you find your pleco?

DragonFyre14 09-24-2012 07:05 PM

Sadly no. I'm really not sure what could have happened to him... I just hope I won't find a corpse on the floor of my room or somewhere in the tank...

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