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Billiedt 09-14-2012 12:04 PM

Issues with ich please help!!!!!
I have a 45gal tank and I have read a lot of different things on the issues and have tried just about everything i don't know what else to do... I am brand new to owning a tank and I guess I have the worst luck. I bought goldfish that brought ich into my tank I have been fighting it for a month and a half now. First time I noticed it I used quick cure till I thought it was was gone. Lo and behold it wasn't!!!! It killed two of my fish! After that I added salt and tried using ich guard instead. And it seemed to help a little but not much. Currently I am still using the salt, quick cure and daily 25%-%50 water changes. To me it seems like all it's doing is keeping them alive... What am I doing wrong!!!!???

fishysrfun 09-14-2012 07:06 PM

Im no expert but try turning up the heat above 82 for a week but do it slowly so you don't shock the fish.
Good Luck

Freshcatch 09-14-2012 08:14 PM

Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you have tried everything over the counter for the ich. There are parasites that mimic ich, but I doubt that is it. I would try an antibiotic and see if that works for you. You may have fungal infection instead of ich. Also make sure using the ick guard, that you are removing the carbon from your filters, as this makes the medication very less effective. Do not reuse nets or water changing devices without sterilizing them before using again as you can transfer the organism back and forth with wet items. I am no expert on ich, but I have dealt with it on a few occasions and I ended up tearing one tank down and discarding everything i couldn't Clorox before reusing. The fish were ok, it just kept coming back... :demented:

Byron 09-15-2012 01:27 PM

Make sure you know the disease before any treatment, as an inappropriate treatment will only worsen the stress on the fish and make the initial disease more problematical. And never mix different medications without major water changes in between; they can react.

If this is ich, raising the temp to 90F for a week will handle it. But you have goldfish, and not being a goldfish person i can't say if this temp is tolerable or not.

Ich is present in all fish tanks; this is now the thinking of most experienced aquarists. The fish are able to fight it off, but it can break out with any severe stress. Almost all fish disease is directly caused by stress, so providing an environment that reduces or eliminates stress as far as is possible will go a long way to healthy fish.


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