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Stoke88 09-12-2012 09:28 AM

Sick Betta! How to cure?
I have a male Half Moon Betta that's been sick for almost a week now. He used to be very interactive with people and a busy swimmer. One day he just suddenly stopped eating and just lays on the bottom of the tank. There's no visable diseases but I tried treating him with Rid-Ich with no success. He's in a 2.5g bow with a Whisper internal filter, heater and airstone. The water conditions are great and I feed him freeze dried bloodworms. Any idea as to what could be wrong with him? How to treat him? Any help is appreciated.

thekoimaiden 09-12-2012 12:38 PM

Does he get pellets too? Freeze-dried food isn't a solid staple diet and can cause constipation. I highly recommend getting him a good pellet diet like New Life Spectrum or Omega One.

Are you sure the filter isn't too strong for him? Really the only purpose of a filter in a small tank is to provider surface area for the beneficial bacteria. Your tank isn't small enough to cycle so all the filter is doing is pushing around your betta and making him expend more energy. I suggest removing it and seeing if that improves his demeanor.

And lastly what is the temperature of the tank? Just because you have a heater doesn't mean it's working.

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