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wagz 09-09-2012 09:14 PM

Help, 3mm White spot
I need some help, please.

Got some longfin zebra danios to add to a fairly fresh tank. I'm had neons in there a few weeks. Anyway 1 store only had four and I bought them. Everythings great. Wanted to get at least six all together. Found a good looking bunch at another store and bought two.
This morning, and I'm not sure who, figuring it was one of the two new ones, had a white spot about 2mm just in front of the dorsal. Removed him and inspected others. Didn't notice anything. Came home, everybody seemed fine. I'm serious, as I'm watching them, one of the danios swam straight up, flipped over upside down and died, doing cartwheels in the filter current. Grabbed him out and he has what appears to be a 3mm fuzzy white spot slightly raised, surrounded by redness. I took pictures but they are poor. You might get the idea from them though. I don't have a quarantine tank set up yet. what should I do, what should I treat with, etc. Any help would be great.

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