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kingmed 09-08-2012 07:52 PM

55 gallon stocking
I have a peacock eel which is awesome, some platy's and mollies which will not stay long. I am wanting to get a few small sized bumble bee catfish and / or twig catfish for the bottom, and would pictus catfish be O.K.? Thinking about either a butterfly fish for the top or marble hatchetfish but not sure what to have as a unusual centerpiece. I like the leaf fish but I'd be scared they may be to aggressive. Also have thought about the bichir dinosaur fish but I'd be afraid that it would attack my peacock eel or other fish. The tank is cycled but only for about a week or so, I do need a little help with some odd not so common fish that won't tear each other apart, also is the red tailed shark to aggressive for peacock eels. To let you know I won't be getting pictus, bichir and red tailed sharks for the tank, I just was curious what the best selection for the tank would be. I heard that the twig catfish can be difficult to keep unless you have algae growth but I do feed veggie pellets by omega one to my fish 2-3 times a week. I even thought about 1 pearl gourami but not sure. Need a little or alot of help with a big decision, don't want a normal looking tank but I also want a tank where the fish will tear each other apart if you know what I mean. Thanks.

Tankfull Tropicals 09-11-2012 02:02 PM

I breed twig catfish > Farlowellas. and my breeders live in a tank with no visible algae. They love Algae pellets and any flakes too. Their very fav. is boiled spinach or beet tops.
They are constantly cruising and grazing on the glass or driftwood. They are also very passive fish.

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