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CuteRacc 01-30-2008 02:43 PM

African + southwestern chiclids
I bought a tank awhile ago, an 11gal (older tank so it isn't the proper 10). I mixed chillids unknowingly. :(

Some get along, a couple get picked on. One Demasoni is somewhat white, I assume he's not happy. :( I also have a little buddha statue and two live plants. Half of the tank is empty, should I get some fake stones? Would that make them happy or would the two demasoni fight over it? Helppp? It's a fish emergency!

I absolutely want to keep the buddhism statue and the two live plants, what's a better location for it all? Should I trim up the plants and move them closer? <-- picture of my tank.

scottven 01-30-2008 10:26 PM

I'd suggest getting more plants and adding some caves. Maybe some big rock-work over on the left with lots of holes and tunnels.

CuteRacc 01-30-2008 10:33 PM

Aye, I made a large dealy on the left with a decent amount of holes. They seem to like it. On the right I put a rock down and laid one ontop of that, it's a tiny cave, that way the two Demasoni wouldn't fight over the large one. (hopes) I split up the plant in the middle and trimmed it, I also trimmed the silver leaf a tad.

I'm looking for a larger tank, In actuality I shouldn't have Demasoni in an 11G, that's just silly and careless of me. :cry:

One of the demasoni seems to be brighter and happier. : D The other still seems sad, I assume because the others are hogging the rocks. :/ I need to get a larger tank off of a friend or relative.

Thanks for your help.

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