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DragonFyre14 09-08-2012 04:17 PM

New Goldfish.
So I just adopte two goldfish from my biology class. I probably wouldn't have got them except the only other kid interested in them wanted to get them and feed them to his turtle. So in the end I took home two goldfish an named them Sam and Dean. :)

Anyway my question is as far as water conditioner goes, I only have some that says it is Betta water conditioner and one for tropical fish. Will these work for my goldfish or should I really go invest in one formulated just for goldfish?
And since I only have two should I go buy one more? I've heard that they'll be happier living in groups but I only really have space for one more. Also does anyone know how fast they grow and or how fast/if they change colors? (I believe they are just plain feeder goldfish.)
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Tankfull Tropicals 09-08-2012 04:32 PM

Good deed that! Turtle food indeed :{ Your water bond. is fine they are for all fish and inverts. Goldfish can get 7-8 inches long dep. on the variety. They do grow slow, though they may need more room later on. They are also very messy, eat lots and some even eat plants. They actually prefer cooler water than most tropicals 68'-74'f will keep them happy. It has always looked odd to me to see them mixed with tropicals; just a purist I guess. They ARE fun and usually much friendlier than some other fish too.

DragonFyre14 09-08-2012 04:49 PM

Yeah I haven't had them long and I've already fallen in love. Right now I have them in a rather small tank (I have a ten gallon i'm going to set up but have yet to move my hermit crab into something smaller and disinfect the whole thing.) I'm doing daily water changes (the water seems to get cloudy fairly fast)
I had Goldfish as a kid. I had one named Goldie who was practically indistrucable. we had her for 8 years before we moved and gave her to my friend (from what I last heard she lived till at least 13 years old if not older) but whenever my mom would clean the tank Goldie would jump out of the water and land on the floor. We often didn't find her until 20 minutes or so later and my that point she was crusted onto the carpet. each and every time we would put her back into the water and she'd just go back to swimming like nothing happened.
Anyway does anyone happen to know when Petco is supposed to have their next dollar a gallon sale? Or where I can find out? Does the date vary depending on location?

thekoimaiden 09-08-2012 05:32 PM

I think the dollar per gallon sale varies by location. Just keep checking your local Petso. Be sure to get a 55 gallon when you can. The feeders can be kept at room temps, but will still grow pretty fast. The lower the temp, the slower they will grow. They also like a lot of swimming room and can grow larger than a foot. Be prepared to house them in a 90 gal or larger tank or pond when they are fully grown. I highly suggest you read the profile here on goldfish. So many people keep them improperly.

As for water changes you've got the right idea. You'll need daily ones to keep the ammonia down. It might be a good idea to cycle a second, larger filter in a bucket while you do massive daily changes on that tank.

Another good idea is to check Craigslist for people selling/giving away large tanks.

DragonFyre14 09-08-2012 05:38 PM

I figured I would need a bigger tank. I'm not sure I have the space to house a 55 gallon (also don't have the money or believe my parents will allow me to get such a big tank.) I will be keeping my eye out for an even bigger tank.

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