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martian123 09-08-2012 02:27 PM

Help!! Mollies are sick!!
First I will give you all of the info:

29 Cycled Community Tank
Neon tetras
3 Black Mollies
Did one water change just now but I had been quite a while but looking crystal clear the whole time
PH 5.0 and working on it
I ran out of testing strips so I dont know what any other parameters are
temp 76

One of my black mollies has a very scary looking swollen eye that is all cloudy. he has been only hanging around the heater in the corner (where all the sick fish go to die) and his back is curved so his rear is sorta droopy.

I have another black mollie with one little white thing in between his eyes. It's not like and ich spot cuz is a little raised and swaying. He is behaving normal though.

All of my other fish look fine and happy but I did notice they didn't eat as much as they normally do and just let all of the food sink to the bottom.

I have never had any sort of sickness in any of my tanks in the two years I have had fish so I'm really nervous.

I also don't own a hospital tank but If my only option is to buy one I way consider it


martian123 09-08-2012 02:30 PM

Also, sick loach
also I forgot to add that my khuli loach that was always a chocolate brown color is now almost white. he is an off white, yellowish, creamy color but is acting fine.

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