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pop 09-05-2012 10:33 AM

the crime
My crime:
Monday at 8 am it was discovered a resident missing of start-up aquarium, Described as small angle fish color silver.
9am missing resident discovered in filter up-take tube the angle fish is now a victim. No visible clues at scene.

Tuesday 7:45am another missing resident of start-up aquarium identified as sister of yesterdayís tragic loss also found in filter up-take tube. This is disturbing it appears a serial attacker is operating in start-up aquarium.

Have lead to possible perpetrator described as shifty-eyed, low brow and possibly has small brain. If seen report immediately do not approach may be dangerous.

Wednesday 10am attacker strikes again third victim discovered in filter up-take tube.

Donít know what to do called mr. s homles.

After mr. s homles arrives itís determined two possibilities, there is something wrong with start-up aquarium water or some insidious act by a vicarious observer.

While interviewing local observers mr. s homles made further inquires of shifty-eyed observer who goes by the name of pop

pop: I didnít do it its not my fault
mr.s homles: did you check start-up aquarium ph or nitrogen cycle DID YOU CYCLE THE AQUARIUM?
pop: no, no, no, I am innocent I did nothing.
mr.s homles: what did you do on the proceeding Sunday:
pop: I released the current residents in the start-up aquarium and gave them some food. everthing looked ok
mr. s homles: did you make any changes to the residences of the victims?
pop: no, no, no, I am innocent I did nothing
mr. s homles: your role is that of an observer what did you see?
pop: I am innocent I did nothing, wait a minute I did see something, it was Sunday evening and I noticed the larger Pearl Gourami having issues with the smaller one and naturally I wanted to protect the smaller gourami
pop: I canít take it anymore yes! Yes! YES!! I AM GUILTY
I didnít mean to do it it was an accident have mercy on me all I did was lower the waterís temp from 79 to 74 degrees
mr. s homles: WHY
pop: I thought lowering the water temp would result in less territorial aggression from the larger male gourami, I didnít know I would start these terrible events in motion. I raised the water temp back to 79 degrees and ended the slaughter of start-up aquarium though I lost the small gourami too.

This is a true story

sidluckman 09-05-2012 11:01 AM

If a shift in temperature killed these fish, they were doomed from the start. BTW, Angels are quite comfortable at temps close to 70.

Also, how can a fish of these dimensions fit up an intake tube?

In what size tank did these "crimes" take place?

You lost me in all the drama: is the tank fully cycled or not and what are the readings for ammonia and nitrite?

To conclude that temperature killed these fish is to invite the same outcome when they are replaced.

Also, I would fire Mr. S. Holmes, and Suri Holmes and Katie Holmes. None of them know about fish.

C'mon. Talk to me!

pop 09-05-2012 01:01 PM

Hello sidluckman;

Itís just a story about my start up experience.
What are btw???
The angle fish were very small a little larger than ĺ of a inch ( I like very small starter fish I believe that young smaller fish will adapt better than older and larger ones.)

I donít know the size of the tank it might be 40 or 50 gal. got it used
The tank was not cycled by me and I donít test for ammonia and nitrite ph 7.0 last march when this occurred. I havenít checked ph since then but I suspect it is now 7.0 I donít use any water conditioners

The tank is filtered by a 10 gal undergravel filter and the filter that came with the tank itís a sorry floval 305 very crummy

As inviting the same outcome when replaced is not the experience I had.

I did not fire mr. s homles I believe his resolution was effective. Therefore I gave him a bonus and followed this advice..

Waited several weeks until about 4 to 6 inches of water evaporated out of the aquarium then I took out about 10 to 20 gal of water and filled tank with fresh clean water.
Waited another week or so to purchase 3 more angle fish. No problem everyone is happy.

Thank you for your input and concern, when this ole school fish keeper needs help I promise to call on you.

AbbeysDad 09-05-2012 01:42 PM

I liked the creative writing drama, but I also think the plot was weak as Surely Homeless just might have been off base. I think as a temperature drop to 74 should not have caused such carnage. With a target of 78, I've had preset heaters at 76 and never had a problem so don't think 2 degrees lower, although not ideal, would cause such a crime.
Perhaps there were [also] other compounding negatives.
Oh well, the case was closed and likely won't be re-opened.

sidluckman 09-05-2012 10:40 PM


Best of luck with new angels. I find tiny ones a little intimidaing, but it is great fun to watch them grow! Pearl gouramis are my favorite among the medium-sized goramis, but may be territorial toward angels and among themselves. They (Pearls) are one of the most unpredictable gouramis, in my experience, in terms of how well or poorly they will live peaceably with one another, though many times tank size and other factors can help.

Last time I kept Pearls, I had three in a well-planted 55 gallon tank and there were no issues among them. Other tank residents were Harlequin Rasboras, Checker Barbs, Angelicus Botias and Flying Foxes (Epalzeorhynchos Kalopterus). It was a veritable love-fest, to which I credit the tank size and the plants.



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