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kdmalkmus 09-04-2012 08:58 PM

Is my dalmatian molly pregnant?
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We picked up a few dalmatian mollies from our local petsmart about a month and a half ago. They were both supposed to be males, but when we brought them home we discovered that we had one male and one female (I am assuming that they make mistakes on stuff like this occasionally). Last week I noticed that the female was getting fat and "blockish" in her belly. I looked online for some information, but discovered that she was nowhere near as big as these pictures of pregnant mollies on the internet. I also can't find the "gravid spot" everyone seems to be talking about (and she is mostly white). I just wanted to get some opinions on whether or not she is pregnant, as I have never had a pregnant fish before and I might just be crazy. She is getting pretty territorial and has forced the male to stay on the other side of the tank, but she doesn't seem to be aggressive toward any of the other fish. I just want to make sure I am prepared if she is going to have fry, because I want to give them a chance to survive. I attached several photos, including a couple of her near the male for belly comparison (he just wouldn't stay still!). They were the same size when we got them, so I thought it was strange that her belly was suddenly larger than his. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

sidluckman 09-05-2012 12:56 PM

FWIW both are female, I think. She could be. Likely will become pregnant soon, if she is not now. Even in absence of males, a single mating prior to purchase can result in nearly monthly pregnancies for a year. She looks mature. Buy a cigar.

DragonFyre14 09-08-2012 07:51 PM

It appears as if she is. Once they kind of square off that usually means they are getting closer to giving birth. as far as gravid spots go you can't always see them. I believe you can usually see them better on guppies because they have thinner skin. Also each pregnancy is different. sometimes they could give birth without getting very big, or they could get really big.

sidluckman 09-09-2012 07:38 AM

Dragonfyre14 is right about gravid spots: some colors and patterns make these difficult to see or at least a less reliable method of guaging how far advanced a female is.

By the way,in livebearers the shape of the anal fin (the unpaired lower fin just in front of the tail) tells you what gender the fish is. Males have a pointed anal fin, females have a fan shaped fin. Whoever caught and bagged these fish for you knows less about them than you now do!

In some fancy-finned varieties, lyretailed swords and mollies for example, the female's anal fin is more attenuated than normal and more difficult to distinguish from the male, so you will have to be a little more careful scrutinizing these fish.

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