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banzaibaz 09-03-2012 03:46 PM

Help plz
i have a bit of fin nipping going on, i would say its the tiger barbs ,in the tank i have-
3 tiger barbs
5 golden barbs
4 rosy barbs
3 cherry barbs
1 opaline gourami
3 large black tetras
1 cory
1 red tail black shark
i have read that increasing the number of tigers may help but i dont want to make it worse.
any advice would be really appreciated, the tank is 125 litres.
any advice on which fish could be added would also be appreciated

Olympia 09-03-2012 03:58 PM

Hi, welcome to TFK!
It probably is the tiger barbs doing the nipping, and adding more would probably stop this, but I wouldn't. Personally, I think you should rehome them. Just seems like 4 barb species in 125 liters is way too much. I'd bump up the other barbs so you have at least 6 of each type. Wouldn't hurt to get rid of another barb species so you could have larger schools of two types, versus smaller schools of 4 types. Watching fish swim around in groups and interact is quite rewarding if they have good sized groups.
You should also have more cories, at least 5 more, as they are schooling fish and shouldn't live on their own.

jaysee 09-03-2012 04:17 PM

Welcome to the forum

This is a classic case of te wrong kind of fish in too small of a tank. The fish may be all nipping each other. In this situation, the culprits are probably the fish with the best looking fins.

I would keep the gold/golden barbs, cherry barbs, the Cory and the gourami and increase the schools to an appropriate size. Get rid of the rest.

Byron 09-03-2012 04:40 PM

I agree. This tank, a 33g (125 liters) is overcrowded now, and fish need to be removed. The Tiger Barb are nippy fish and while having a dozen in this tank on their own would be the only way to reduce this, the other fish would all have to go; so remove the Tigers.

As for the rest, they are going to need more space, the Golden Barb attain 3 inches and would be better in a 4-foot tank.

Don't know what the "black tetra" may be, but if it is the Black Widow Tetra it too is nippy in small n umbers, and not good with gourami. If a black neon, they need more numbers. All tetra, barb, corys are shoaling fish that need a group.

The red tailed shark will likely be trouble one day, as explained in the profile, and it too will need more space.

Please have a read of our profiles, all these fish are included. Shaded names means you can click those for that fish's profile.


jaysee 09-03-2012 04:52 PM

The gold/golden barbs may or may not attain 3 inches, depending on if they are gold barbs or golden barbs. Otherwise, they will get a little bigger than a cherry barb. Time will tell which you have, if you keep them. You may have some of both, even if you bought them all together.

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