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mayamaya 01-28-2008 12:14 PM

Just added a Skimmer
Last night I removed my bio balls wet/dry sump and replaced it with a new sump which has a Euro reef protien skimmer, some live rock, and half the bio balls I was previously using. (I'm planning to remove the bio balls completely)The tank has about 60lbs of live rock.

My question is I'm see some different behavior in my fish today and want to know how concerned I should be or should I just give them time to adapt to the new system?
Basically they just look lazy and have less energy. My cole tank has better color than he did yesterday which I'm happy about, but he's not moving around much and is usually pretty active. My puffer who is always full of energy is also showing signs of being tired.

Tested the water this morning and all looked good.

Thanks in advance for your help!

SKAustin 01-29-2008 06:18 PM

Their behavior may be the result of toxins sitting dormant in the old system being released into the display when the system was disturbed.

A friend of mine had something similar occur. He disturbed the substrate in his Fuge when he went to harvest some Macro algae. Toxins building up within the substrate of the fuge released into the display and temporarily paralized his livestock. Almost everything recovered from the mishap, but it was a scary event.

It's always wise to have a shut-off on the return line between the tank and the sump, and a T in the return (Before the shut-off) also with a shutoff that goes back to the inlet section of the sump. This not only allows you to shut the filtration system off from display, but also allows for the filtration system to continue to run through its cycle while isolated from the display. That way, if you release toxins during a cleaning or harvest, you can let the filtration system filter it out before it can get into the display.

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