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mabs2004 01-28-2008 11:42 AM

pregnant mollie or platy
hi there im not sure whether i have two mollies or platys. they are orange and black but more black on the female she is a live breare and has just had 9 babies need to know if she will have any more and do i need to keep her away from the babies yet as she is in the breedeing net thing

bettababy 01-28-2008 02:27 PM

Can you post a picture of your fish? Both mollys and platys can come in orange/black color forms.
How big is your tank? How many and what kinds of fish are in it?
Mollys, platys, swordtails, guppys, all have the same breeding habits.
It is safe to estimate 30+ fry every 30 days, as this is what they are capable of, and this is for each female fish in the tank. Without a male, any female can have up to 5 spawns before finished.
The more info you can give the more we can help. If the tank is heavily decorated (here again a picture would really help a lot) it is very possible to raise fry in the main tank. Depending on the size of the tank, expect to need much more room very soon! These fish grow very fast. My molly fry are about the size of the adults at 13 - 15 wks. Each fish has the potential to acheive a size of 3 - 5 inches, depending on specific species. Some sailfin mollys can reach closer to 6 inches when full grown.
Once we know your situation better we can then help you sort this out in the safest way for you.

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