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RMP 09-02-2012 10:38 PM

Is this columnaris?
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Hi everyone,

Is this columnaris? I need the right meds to be ready if there is another outbreak.

2 weeks ago I purchased 3 chocolate gouramis. Two have since died, the other seems somewhat ok. Both died from what looked like a gray/green swirly/rippled looking slime growth which grew from the fishes' lips and spread like wild fire from there. By the time it got to the gills, the fish was practically jumping out of the tank to get air.

I would like to prevent a repeat of this with my other one, so I would like to know what meds to have on hand.

Enclosed are pictures of the one that died. At the time, I was treating for ick with quick cure and had the temp up to 86 degrees to speed up the ick.

To me, the slime stuff doesn't look cottony. I even saw a little slime thing sticking out near its eye but today it seems gone.

Water is soft, r/o, 6.5 ph

The 3rd chocolate looks like it might have the same slime starting by the mouth, not spreading as fast possibly due to better water parameters and lower temp. Fishs eats, but is not overzealous about snapping up the food. I see it picking at the gravel later on. Most of the time it eats the shrimp and spits it out.

Fish are fed freeze dried brine shrimp. Vacuum the tank twice a week, 30 percent. Tank is 40 gallon, has 10 fish in it under an inch in size.
Thanks, Ryan

Pearl2011 09-02-2012 10:56 PM

It might be something to do with the slime coat. I would say it is a type of bacterial infection, though.

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