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sakemomo 01-28-2008 10:54 AM

recommended heater for 10gal betta certain tank?
i just got a used 10gal with a aquaclear fliter and air pump for my betta. i've learned i need to cycle the tank and will need a heater. however, i don't know what heater would be best on a budget. i would also like to make this tank a small community, i'm leaning towards neons and corys but am interested in other options as well so long as they will get along with my betta and not overcrowd the tank.

also, can anyone tell me if the filter i have is the right size? it looks very big for the tank, it is almost as big as the tank is deep. is this normal for a 10gal tank's filter?

okiemavis 01-28-2008 12:20 PM

Heaters for a 10G tank can be cheap and easy to get, any 50 watt should do just fine. I happened to find a few online that were on sale but you shouldn't have trouble just walking into the pet shop and buying one.

As for the filter, could you tell me the exact model? Bettas have very sensitive fins, which can shred with too much water circulation, so it's best to make sure you aren't doing that. It might be better to stick to a smaller filter if this one turns out to be very large (not sure until you tell me the model). Since you already have an air pump, it wouldn't be hard or expensive to get a sponge filter instead. They are powered by air pumps and work quite well in a smaller aquarium. You can get one for about $5. Here's an article on how they work and what you will need for one:

sakemomo 01-28-2008 01:00 PM

its an aquaclear 30 power filter. is that too much?

also i have come across a canopy with a florescent light for the 10gal. how much would you recommend i offer for it. the person wants to sell it along with the tank but no other accessories for $40 CDN. i already have one 10gal, i don't need another so just want the canopy.

okiemavis 01-28-2008 01:59 PM

Normally I'd say that would be okay, but for a tank with a betta, I wouldn't really be comfortable with it. It's just too much water movement for such a delicate creature. The power filters with their waterfall cause a lot of water agitation, and this filter is rated for up to 30 gallon tanks.

As for the canopy, I really don't know. It kind of sounds like a rip off, usually I find 10G tanks with filter, heater, and canopy for about $25 US. A brand new 10G tank only costs $14 US.

sakemomo 01-28-2008 03:16 PM

wow, so that's what the number means. i got it in the deal with tank and goldfish that will be going to my mother's 29G tank this weekend.

would the betta be good with that filter if the tank was a 20G over 10G? if the filter is suitable 30G then i might just see if i can find an old 20G if that would help, i wouldn't be any worse off then i am now with my current 10G. how much would you pay for one with the basic or alone? would a bookcase be able to support the weight? if not is there a way for me to reinforce it so it could hold the weight? does it take an longer to cycle a 20G tank over a 10G tank?

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