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PookieJusz 01-27-2008 05:56 PM

HELP!!! Urgent
All of a sudden my 4 emerald crabs are dead, my 2 scallops are dead and I have a black ash-like substance on 3 of my corals. They look almost dead

We just tested out water, everything was SPOT ON!????!!!!!!!!!! We took out 25 gallons of water and replaced it just in case.

Are my crabs dying and corals inter related or a coincidence

Does anyone have any advice????????????

SKAustin 01-27-2008 06:32 PM

Are you sure the emerald crabs are dead, and that they have not just shed a layer. I warn you that their sheddings are all too often confused for a corpse because they retain their shape and color.

Could the Scallops have been the target of a hungry invert or fish?

How old is the tank, and by all of your tests were "spot on", what tests, and what do you consider "spot on"

What type of corals are we talking about? Are they in close proximity to any stinging animals?

What else is in the tank? Corals? Fish? Inverts?

What equipment are you using? What lighting? What kind of filtration?

Whan was your last water change? How much water did you change?

Have you medicated the tank with anything? What about additives?

Sorry, but we really need more information to help identify the problem and provide suggestion for remedy.

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