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curse354 08-29-2012 10:49 PM

Tank advice needed????
I have a 1 gallon tank thats pretty old; its been more of a rescue tank than anything else though (saving fish that friends would've otherwise killed by bigger fish in the tank/taking babies from other tanks that were too ugly to be sold back to the fish store). I've done my research thus far, but unfortunately the guppy I had passed while someone was watching it for a summer.

I got back, and I wanted new fish. For the first time I went to the fish store, where the lady (who was completely wrong) told me that I could put 2 glofish in a 10 gallon tank and they would be happy (which I now know is wrong). Yeah, I should've done my research, but I thought fishstore staff would know their stuff.

Either way, I really like then and want to get a bigger tank for them. The problem is that I'm in college and my home state is on the other side of the country. My roommate is willing to take a 1 gallon tank home, but definitely wont take a 10 gallon tank. I think my uncle MIGHT be willing to take my tank if theres little or no work involved. That means that he could feed the fish daily, but he probably wont be willing to cycle the tank and do all the crappy work. I would also have to go there and set the tank up. My winter break is 1 month, and at least for this year my summer break would only be 1-2 months as well.

To top things off, I'm a poor college student, and I'll have to wait for my next paycheck before I can liberate my poor fishies :(

Advice? Should I get the 10 gallon tank with these limitations? Kinda a crappy situation here haha... :/

Also, would my glofish (note: NOT goldfish!!) school? One of them is bullying the other one, so would they eventually become kinda friends again?

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to say that right now my 1 gallon tank has a air stone/undergravel filter in it, and my fish flip out when it gets turned off. Would I have to get this for a 10g too?

Olympia 08-29-2012 10:57 PM

Hi there curse,
I'm sort of confused, do you have 2 goldfish in a one gallon right now?
Do you know what type of goldfish they are? Comet, shubunkin, something else?
I'm sad to say, but no goldfish can live out its life in a 10 gallon, much less two, they simply get too large and produce too much waste. They are high maintenance fish that need massive filtration as well as large weekly water changes.

curse354 08-29-2012 10:57 PM

No not goldfish, theyre GLOfish! Genetically modified zebra danios!

Olympia 08-29-2012 11:04 PM

I am so sorry, it's late, forgive me! (and I have goldfish on the mind too..) :lol:

Glofish.. Well, soon enough there will be a myriad of people telling you 10 gallons is too small. They are an active fish that enjoy a lot of room to zoom around.
However, once we step past that, there is no other reason why not to keep them in 10 gallons. If you bumped up their numbers to five or six, you'd have a shoal, and despite perhaps not being able to stretch their fins out as much as they'd like they should be reasonably content.

You could invest in some fluorescent lighting and some toxin-sucking plants, this would help keep toxins in the water low enough for them. This would be of huge benefit if weekly water changing is not possible. A filter is a must, after you get a filter the airstone is completely optional.

I'd talk to your uncle about the matter, if he isn't willing to some water changes, it probably isn't the best idea to keep the fish in that sort of an environment.

curse354 08-29-2012 11:11 PM

If I get a filter and toxin sucking plants, would that be enough to hold off the water changes for a month? I'd change out the water right before and right after i leave, but would it be enough to keep them alive?

I really dont want my uncle to do that kind of work for me. Its kind of like a choice of the lesser of two evils: either leave them in a 1 gallon tank properly cared for or put them in a proper 10 gallon tank.

curse354 08-30-2012 12:25 PM

Any other opinions?

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