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fishtastic 08-29-2012 01:06 AM

what are these worms??
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I have a 6 gallon fluval edge with a single lionhead goldfish and an otto. When i pulled my carbon pack out today i noticed what I thought were a bunch of roots stuck in it, but when i swiped across one it moved!! I whipped out the microscope and put a few on the slide and took some pictures. They are definitely worms: round and white, both ends move but one end is rounded, one pointy. When i magnified them a lot, i could barely see a row of hooked spines on each side. They seem to be segmented like an earthworm and separated about 3/4 of the length. they are very small and can hold on pretty good. Can anyone identify them please?!?!
Pic1- round end using light (on the slide, this end stopped moving long before the other)
Pic2- round end using light
Pic3- pointy end w/piece of carbon
Pic4- round end no light
Pic5 pointy end no light
Pic 6 round end no light
Pic7 pointy end compared to toothpick
I also have a video of the worm crawling.

Chesh 08-29-2012 07:45 AM

Hmmm... cool pics! There are SO many things they could possibly be - most of which are harmless. Try doing a google image search for Nematodes. They match your description fairly well, I think, and also tend to live in the filter. . . hope that helps! If not. . . *maybe* Planaria (Flatworms?) They don't match your description quite as well, but it's worth a shot. . . good luck!

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