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mjtruex 01-25-2008 07:08 PM

redeye tree frog
I need some help! We bought our boy a redeye tree frog for Christmas. We got him last week on Thrusday. He hasn't eaten and all he does is sleep.

We've raised the temperature thinking that he was hibernating, it's now 85-90 degrees and the humidity is around 60-80 depending on the time of day.

We spent $60 on this frog and it's really going to break our boys heart if he dies. Is there anything we can do to make him eat? Or should we just call the pet store and see about getting another frog?

I would truely appreciate any help at all. We are kinda at whits end here.

Thank you!


herefishy 01-26-2008 12:54 AM

Research is always need before purchasing any pet. The red eyed tree frog is basically a night time feeder. Rather than leave you a long post, I've provided this link that should help you out immensely.

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