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It'sJames 01-25-2008 05:52 PM

Is this a good deal for my first saltwater??
I'm looking for my first saltwater aquarium, and I'm trying to keep the initial cost under $600. Of course I'm buying it used, becuase $600 probably wouldn't get me far if I bought it all new.

I found a 58 gallon reef-ready setup for sale, $400 obo. Here's a list of what is included. Is this a good deal? What else would I need to get it up and running, and about how much more would that cost??

* 58 Gallon Oceanic Tank with light oak finish
* 3 Door Tank Stand
* Glass Top
* 2 dual light hoods
* Heavy Duty Water Pump
* Air Pump
* Heater
* 25 Watt Angstrom 2537 Ultraviolet Sterilizer (for up to 300 Gallon Tanks)
* Wet/Dry Drip Tank
* Bio Balls for Filtration
* Various Accessories (hose, salt, etc)
*40+ pounds of live fiji rock as well as 3 inches of live sand in the tank.

The tank is bottom drilled and connected to wet/dry drip tank.

SKAustin 01-25-2008 06:14 PM

What type of system are you looking to set up? Reef? Fish only?

It seems like a good price. See if you can get some idea of how old the tank is. If youre looking to keep corals, you may need to upgrade the lighting, depending on exactly what is in the hoods. The bio balls you would be best without. Best to replace the bio balls with Live rock rubble. Also, does the sump have a place for a fuge? and what about a skimmer?

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