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angelleah1981 01-23-2008 11:27 PM

I'm so excited. I'm about to buy my 120 gallon aquarium. Quick question. I'm going to get it ready for a sump. I don't particularly trust my LFS but they're all I have and the price is definately right for the 120 gallon glass aquarium ($699 sump ready (will have to be "ordered" )). Is there anything I should ask besides the warranty? How good of a leak warranty should I get? Also, BIGGEST concern here is - DOES IT MATTER WHERE THE HOLES ARE DRILLED FOR THE SUMP? I need a very good detailed answer here because like I said I DON'T trust my lfs. I'm not going to do business with them unless it is necessary. I will be moving in 6 months so I'm only interested in equipment at the moment. Thanks !!!

P.s. Is there anything I need to know or to ask for that I may need to say myself and not expect them to accomedate me? I donít want to buy something wrong / get ripped off just because I didnít know a small piece of information. Thanks.

SKAustin 01-25-2008 07:08 AM

by Sump ready, I assume you are meaning "reef ready" which means that the tank is pre-drilled with the overflows installed. Is the tank a 6' 120g or a 4' 120g? either way, the overflows should be pretty standardly located. Either 1 in each corner, or about 6-8" from the corners on the back. Another option, which I dont believe is all to commonly available is a coast to coast (calfo style) overflow, where the tank is drilled from the back, and the overflow runs the entire length of the tank, across the top back portion of the tank. This is a nice option because it eliminates the impedance the overflow has on the footprint of the tank and allows more room for the rockwork. Its also far more asthetically pleasing. What is the brand name on the tank? Are the bulkheads included in the price? And is the plumbing for the overflows included in the price.

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