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dalriada42 08-22-2012 10:43 PM

Female honey gourami changing color?
Hi folks, wondering if anybody has any experience with this? I have a 20-gallon (long) planted tank, I originally had guppies, otocinclus, and three honey gourami in it - two males and a female. I knew I would have trouble between the two males eventually, but I wanted to leave them together long enough to see if the female preferred one over the other.

One of the males started attacking the other after about a month and a half, so I moved the one being attacked out into a different tank. I expected to see the male begin to put on breeding colors, to court the female. No change in the male. Instead, the female seems to be changing colors! She used to be a pale tan with a darker tan stripe, and just a hint of orange on the tips of her fins. Now her body has gotten much darker, maybe a little thicker, and she is swimming around a lot more, whereas before she was shy and tended to hang in one spot more. The other male was moved out two weeks ago, and the change in the female started about a week ago, but is much more pronounced in the last two days.

Do I have a sick fish, or a breeding one? Or something else? I do have floating plants (mostly frog-bit) but I see no signs of a bubble-nest.

I haven't had a good opportunity to take a photo, but I'll try tomorrow.

Ruskull 08-24-2012 11:43 AM

I'd love to help if I can but pictures would help me help you better.

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