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nelsonflorida 08-22-2012 11:28 AM

10 gallo or 29 biocube`
currently ive beeing running my 10 gallon reef for 6 months witha clown a scooter bleeny and a couple coral ive been thinking og upgrading to a 29g should i or should i used that money to stock my 10 gallon with corals... is there a big difference in what i can have in the tank such as fish ??

TheWonderfulWub 08-22-2012 02:27 PM

That 19 gallons of water makes a huge difference, as does the increased surface area of the tank. Plus, the mini sump in the back makes a nice place for your heater, a Tunze 9002 skimmer, or an InTank media basket. They're also super customizable for LED retrofits, pump upgrades, etc.

It'll be the best thing you can buy, imo.

nelsonflorida 08-22-2012 04:08 PM

Thank you ive beening kind of undicided of what to to becuase ie never ha a problem with me 10g but i have 2 fishes dont wonna overcrowd the tank and would like 2 or 3 more plus more coral space would u know whe difference between the older ad newer pc not hqi model
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Reefing Madness 08-22-2012 06:56 PM

nelsonflorida 08-23-2012 11:04 AM

My setup right now is a 10 gallon 64 watt led light nano skimmer a aquaclear 20 refugium 12 lbs of rock im looking into puting a uv sterilzer if keeP it upgrade tp 29g there selling my one working for 175 with stand and all
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Reefing Madness 08-23-2012 02:19 PM

Nice. With everything included, like live rock, substrate and such? Good deal there. If its just the tank, that's a bit high for a 29g.

nelsonflorida 08-23-2012 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by Reefing Madness (Post 1211072)
Nice. With everything included, like live rock, substrate and such? Good deal there. If its just the tank, that's a bit high for a 29g.

it the 29g tank stand powerheads the water sand and uv sterlizer no rock but i got 15lbs in my 10 gallon that have purple caroline and have been in the tank stable fr the past 6 month i would need to and some more for 175 so idk if to ditch the 10 gallon and upgrade or just keep my stable little tank and keep filling in

Reefing Madness 08-23-2012 07:09 PM

many more options with the 29g, ditch the 10g. =)

TheWonderfulWub 08-24-2012 07:51 AM

Only qualms I have with the BC29 are:

1) The fans. They almost always end up making a horrendous screeching noise when you first turn them on. Replacing them with an aftermarket fan is cheap, gives you better cooling, and avoids the issue altogether. This is even more important when you're buying a used BC29.

2) The return pump isn't powerful enough, imo. You can replace it with a Maxi-Jet 1200 to get a little better performance out of it.

3) The stock protein skimmer they sell for it is poo-poo. It works, but the cup is so tiny that it fills up in no time and ends up spilling over back into the tank. Get yourself a Tunze 9002 with the upgraded skimmer cup if you want to use a skimmer on it.

Other than that, it's a solid tank. Don't go drilling it or anything, though; they're well known to crack after having been drilled, due to the glass in back being so thin. Not worth the hassle, imo.

nelsonflorida 08-24-2012 11:55 AM

well after everything ive spent on the 10g im gonna wait a little more and get a new one ... thanks everybody for your help watt filter should i do for the 10 gallon best option

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