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Mnich 01-22-2008 11:28 PM

HELP! Convict Breeding Issue
Hello, i just bought two convicts about 6 days ago. One male, one female(I want to breed them) My two convicts were doing just fine. Liplocking, male following the female everywhere she went . The male even tries to show off his gills to the female. But just today, i noticed that the male is now chasing the female around my tank. She is currently hiding behind my filter. There isnt any fin nips/damage. What happened? Might it be because the female has yet to lay any eggs? Thank-you for your help.

Falina 01-22-2008 11:37 PM

Convicts are often best left to pair up on their own by buying a group of 6 young ones and waiting for a pair to form before rehoming the rest. They are one of the easiest cics to pair, but it dosn't always go to plan.

The male may be harassing her to breed and she may not be ready, and it could just be general agression where the bigger more dminant one harasses the rest. Keep a close eye on them and be prepared to seperate them if need be.

scottven 01-23-2008 06:56 PM

My experience with breeding them is that they will try their best to kill each other, and if they fail at that, then they'll spawn.

Make sure the tank has a number of good caves for them to lay the eggs in. Something like flower pots.

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