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smitty5572 08-21-2012 12:43 AM

White lip on pike cichlid
So I put a newly bought pike cichlid into my Q tank before adding him to a 65 gallon tank where he is going to be the first fish in there. Anyway he was eating great and looked healthy and all so I decided one night that the next day i would add him to the main tank. I got over excited about it and just netted him and put him in the new tank (used a bag and allowed to adjust and everything) but as i watched him swim around i noticed a white spot on the lip that wasn't there the previous night. Not sure what it is the only thing is he did run into the side of the Q tank when i spoked him the day before. The Q tank where this developed is only a 10 gallon tank but had a tetra whisper i1 the water is 78 degrees f. I perform regular 25-30% water changes whenever there are fish in them. And i have been feeding the pike bloodworms

fdfaa920.jpg picture by smitty5572 - Photobucket

sidluckman 08-21-2012 05:59 PM

Abrasions to the lips are pretty common among cichlids and you see lots of them among lip-locking cichlids in love.

But I would monitor the spot and remove him to the QT for treatment if the thing doesn't improve (or vanish) in the next couple days. As you say, it is probably just mechanical damage from his bumping into glass, but if an infection develops, it's time for treatment.

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