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Stgdxb 08-20-2012 09:12 AM

High water current is it normal.?
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I had brought a fresh water aquarium 24gallon capacity. I was given a filter of flow rate 200 gallon per hour which gives me a change over rate of 8 times per hour. My problem is that I feel the water current is too strong that the fish has to swim hard to stay idle. The tank is 80cm long and I have kept the filter in one of the corners and the jet is directed towards the other corner / wall to minimize the turbulence. I have 4 each of small golden fish and another smaller type. I googled and found out that the change over rate must not be more than 5 gallon per hour. My question is should I change the filter pump to a smaller one? Or should I just leave as it is.

1077 08-20-2012 10:21 AM

Appear's to be a powerhead with attachment probably holding foam on bottom.
Does appear to be quite powerful for the goldfish,especially fancy ones that due to their shapes,,waddle, rather than swim as freely as would more streamlined fish.
Goldfish are also serious waste producer's and volume increases with size/age of fish.
For this reason,, I would select a canister filter for this tank, for the added space for biological media(ceramic noodles,,sintered glass,,etc).
Ehiem 2213 would be my choice or a couple of Hang on the back Aquaclaer 70's one on each end of the tank.
Would leave the bottom portion of the current pump (Foam part) in the tank when placing new filter(s) on this aquarium, for this part will house a good portion of beneficial bacteria and would remove it only after four week's or possibly stuff it in the new filter if there is room.

thekoimaiden 08-20-2012 12:40 PM

To answer your question: yes, I think that the flow is too strong for fancy goldfish. The commons are able to take it, but not for very long. Goldfish are pond fish, not exactly fast-current fish. Fancies, with their long fins and bulbous bodies, do not handle current well at all. If at all possible I try to have as little current in my fancy goldfish tanks.

The other thing I want to address is the size of the tank. A 24 gallon tank is not a sufficient home for 6 goldfish. As a general rule, you need at least 10 gallons per goldfish because they get large and have a larger than normal wasteload. An Aquaclear 70 is a great filter for goldfish. But with six goldfish, going for a canister filter sounds like a better idea.

If you are looking for stream fish, I suggest you look at hillstream loaches and some of the barbs.

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