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Lupin 10-29-2006 10:24 AM

Desktop Aquarium-Highly Inappropriate
This link will direct you to the small tank I'm referring to.
It's annoying when it features a goldfish inside such a small tank.:redmad: Worse, the whole setup is too unnatural and fancy goldfish are not meant to live in such a small tank.:frustrated:
That tank is more suitable for a betta but not danios as danios will obviously need more swimming space.

Some companies and manufactureres never learn at all.

Sorry but we should boycott the way advertisements show. Goldfish in small tanks? This is simply discouraging.:frustrated: It tends to encourage beginners to keep goldfish in small tanks. 'Tis a shame that famous chain stores like PetSmart even feature such ads which are simply too discouraging on the aquarist's part. But fun for beginners.

Goldfish should never be kept in small tanks. Not when they poop a lot and this would mean high ammonia level on the start especially in cramped space.:redmad:

I posted this simply to discourage beginners from following the advertisements. I advise against placing goldfish in a small tank. Research first before you buy a fish.:wink2:

JouteiMike 10-29-2006 11:29 AM

Ugh..I hate when I see that too. In this catalog I have for ThatFishPlace, it has a picture of about 10 goldfish stuffed in a 20 gallon, you're right, it is really discouraging.

I used to keep my 3 goldies in a 30 gallon when I first bought them, when they were small. It was a real tall tank too so there wasn't a whole lot of sideways swimming room. After I switched them to my new tank, it was such a good feeling to see them swimming around happily with sooo much more room.

flatcam1 10-29-2006 03:01 PM

discusting, Just Discusting. :evil:
poor fish :cry:

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