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Stormfish 08-18-2012 12:06 PM

Apple Snail issues
I'm not sure if my Apple Snail is actually sick or perhaps they just behave strangely?

I placed my male Apple Snail in my Tetra tank after my beta kept bullying him. He seemed overjoyed with the move highly active, doubled in size quickly, voracious appetite.

About 5-6 weeks ago he went into his shell and pretty much stayed there. He pokes his face and appendages out every once in a while (a couple times a day) and has a look around, but hasn't moved since. He's not eating even though I've been trying to tempt him out with strategically placed algae chips, which he normally devours in mere minutes. He's not doing anything, but he's not dead. His shell looks perfectly fine too, no injuries that I can see.

What the heck? Is he in some state of hibernation?

Blackfeet 08-20-2012 07:05 AM

Yes hibernation. This is normal for apple snails. In the wild they burrow into the mud and stay like that for 2-6 months. However in aquaria most people that see them do this also see them die. Keep looking for what to do to set him up for a good hibernation environment.

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