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skelator 08-16-2012 04:19 PM

algae problem
ok my girlfriend has a 55g cichlid tank. the nitrate is at 10 and the phosphate is only .5 as i tested it last night. she dosent have any plants in the tank as the fish eat them. she does however have a generic "plant" light in the hood. it runs typiclly 4 hours a day thats all. the water is crystal clear and theres no algae on the glass. theres brown algae on pretty juch everything else thats in the tank. heater, filter tube, rocks, all decorations, gravel....everything.

the one side of the tank is reasonably close to a window but the blinds are never opened. there is no more growth on one side or the other which makes me think that has nothing to do wioth it at all.

any idea whats going on here? any help would be great thanks

Absntmind 08-16-2012 04:57 PM

Brown algae is typical on new setups and ussually goes away with time. Another cause for brown algae can be not enough light...

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