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MDV39 08-11-2012 11:51 PM

ICH/ICK problem need advise
I recently noticed my fish were flashing. I got Super Ich Cure and Aquarium Salt and added both according to the directions. I noticed my red glo fish was infested it looks like I literally rolled him in salt and one of my mickey mouse platys had a few spots. I bumped the temperature up to 86. 4 days later and the red glo fish showed no improvements and all my fish are still flashing. I did a water change and switched to quICK cure. The fish are not showing any signs of distress even the infested glo fish is eating and behaving normally. Why is the ick not clearing up at all and does anybody have any recommendations?

20 gal

5 Mickey Mouse platys
3 Glo Fish
3 Fancy Guppies


A-0, Ni-0, Na-20ppm

jaysee 08-12-2012 11:03 AM

The heat treatment (86 degrees) takes several days to clear things up, and is a 2 week treatment. You likely did not stick with it long enough.

It is also important not to combine treatments. If you are medicating, then the temp needs to be normal.

Tell me about your quick cure treatment.

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