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vette89redne 01-18-2008 10:22 PM

my anenome looks stretched
Hi im new to salt water aquariums i just bought a long tenticle anenome today and while it was in the bag waiting to be put into the tank i walked away and when i came back he lookes stretched. is this normal is he dead? he is still stretched.

bettababy 01-20-2008 10:54 PM

Can you post a picture? It sounds as if it is suffering from stress. What kind of lighting is over the tank? What are the water params for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, and calcium? Give it a few days of optimal conditions and it will likely recover. Keep the tank temp around 76 - 78 and don't attempt to feed it until it looks as if it has recovered.
The other possibility is that it is passing waste. Anemones look almost like they're turning inside out when they do this. That would be normal, and again, good water conditions and temp will see to it that everything goes well.

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