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jennesque 08-06-2012 03:12 PM

Just wanted to post about some sad, but predictable news (Dwarf Gourami)
I got a dwarf gourami, and although I read about the virus in the profile, I didn't realize how common the disease was until after I bought the fish. I picked out a very healthy looking one, from a tank full of symptomless DGs but he still got the disease. He had been acting a little off the last week or two, and started developing the weird bulges
m I found him yesterday with even worse lumps and bulges, a couple small sores, and he wasn't very colorful and hanging out around the bottom of the tank. He looked like all the pictures of fish with the virus, so I euthanized him. It's sad... I feel bad.

I also came home to find that one of my cories had swam down the output tube of my sponge filter and was stuck in there between the tube and the airline. I thought for sure he was a gonner and pulled the filter out.. he was even out the water for a minute or two while I went to grab a bucket, but when I started to disassemble the filter he started wriggling! He was alive! He looks like he might be injured to me.. and he's not as active as the others so I am worried he will not make it either.. this happened yesterday at like 5pm and he was still alive this morning. I did get him to eat last night so I'm hoping he does make it.

I don't know if I even want to bother with replacing my gourami with anything. I had Blue Rams before without much luck.. ugh. Yesterday was a sad day for my tank. I really hope my Cory makes it, cause I already lost my Betta too because of a lid malfunction.

rameshg 08-06-2012 04:13 PM

I am really sorry for your loss :(
Hope the cory feels better soon... Take care, my friend.

SeaHorse 08-06-2012 04:19 PM

Hi jennesque! Sorry for your loss and aquarium troubles. It can be very discouraging when losing one fish after another. And the losses can be unrelated to each other. Different handling methods, different species requirements and diseases.
Don't be discouraged. Was this the 28 gall bowfront? Who is still in the tank and how is that Cory doing?

jennesque 08-06-2012 04:43 PM

Thanks guys. :( yeah.. the Betta jumped out the night I tried out a different lid. He got out of the tiniest space.. I was going to secure it better in the morning. I felt terrible. And I feel bad about the gourami but I'm not sure there's anything I could've done about that. I just wanted to post another example of why not to get a dwarf gourami.

I am at work and can't check on the cory again until tonight.

The gourami was in the 28gal and I've still got the same rummys, rasboras, and cories as in my signature.
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rameshg 08-06-2012 04:53 PM

I have been thinking of getting a DG for my 25 gal community, but have hesitated as I have heard quite a bit about the iridovirus disease.... Is the disease contagious? Such a beautiful fish... it's really sad... What are the odds that DGs from chain pet stores will make it OK. I don't want to try, but it's temptiing.. I love these fish...

jennesque 08-06-2012 05:05 PM

I know they did a test where 22% of the imports tested were positive for the virus. It is VERY contagious among DG so if even one fish looks unhealthy in the tank, they probably all have the virus. I got my DG from a local LFS who has the healthiest stock in the city, and it's one of the best run LFS in my state.. I would say, like many others do, unless you can get them from a local breeder, avoid them. If they come from Asia it's very risky, if they're bred in the USA or Canada the chances are still there, just not a great.

It is contagious.. I know other gourami can get it, and I think pretty much any fish housed with dwarf gourami are at risk of carrying it, but if they're kept in a healthy tank they don't usually become affected.

It sucks.. I've had the gourami for a couple months too.. maybe 3-4 so it's not like a QT tank can really prevent this. The healthier the tank, the longer their life may be.. but a lot of sources say they'll be killed by the virus at some point, no matter what you do. The best treatment is vet administered antibiotics which often do not even work.
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jennesque 08-07-2012 12:59 AM

Well, the cories were all alive... I still think the one is acting a bit weird. :/
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cameronpalte 08-07-2012 01:56 AM

Interesting. I guess I may of just been lucky with my dg. I got it from pet co (not renown for carrying healthy fish), put it in my tank and now around 3 weeks later it's still healthy and thriving.

Also if you can I would set up a 10g hospital tank which you constantly keep running (put the media in your 28g to make sure it has bacteria), and any time something like that happens, for the cory you can transfer it their to keep a closer eye on it.

jennesque 08-07-2012 02:04 AM

I looked it up and I did have the DG for at least three months.. I hope yours does stay healthy though. It's no fun..

I do need to set up a hospital tank. I've even got a small, established sponge filter I could've used.. I just didn't think of it. He'd already been out of the water a few minutes, and stuck for who knows how long so I just panicked and wanted to get him back into water asap!
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Noisy Kricket 08-07-2012 08:47 AM

Sorry to hear about your Dwarf Gourami. Ive also list three to this disease. I just wanted to post about my experience with the DG.

All of the regular and bronze I've ever purchased (online and local) have died from the disease. I've purchased one powder blue, also notorious for it. He is alive and well but the issue with him was that he was more aggressive than anything I've ever had. He's now with a friend of mine who had the same problem and ended up putting him into a 20g still cycling. Again, he's alive and flourishing so the powder blues in my experience are very hardy however I've only dealt with one.

The best news I can give you is on the flame red or fire red dwarf gourami. I have 4 males from petco and 8 females from and they are amazing. No problems at all with those and one pair has even made a bubble nest in a large clump of floating water sprite so they are in fact breeding with out lowering the water levels. They are in a 55g with blue rams tetras cories and rainbows at 81F

I hope this helps and encourages you to keep trying.

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