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Cody 01-17-2008 10:48 PM

Cherry Barbs
I am saving up for an Eclipse System 12 (and decor), and knowing I cant add my favorite barb (Tiger), I want to try to add a small shoal of Cherry Barbs. I read that they grow up to 2in, and I read that a shoal of 6 can live well in a 12. To me, that seems small, but I want to know.

How many Cherry Barbs should I add in a 12?
Best ratio of Males to females for that many?

I am planning out everything I want to add in the tank. I will make some DIY caves, maybe a background, and I will have a black gravel substrate with a small rock "pyramid" in a corner. I will also try to add live plants.

I know the Cherry Barbs would most likely breed, but since they are egg-layers, I would take the eggs out. Incase any fry does ever hatch, I have many people who want baby fish. I do water changes w/ gravel vac every week as well.

I am also keeping this as a specie-only tank if it could work.

Falina 01-21-2008 03:30 AM

TBH I would be happier having them in a little bit of a bigger tank, say 20g? I don't suppose it couldn't be done in a 12g, but it wouldn't give them as much swimming space and they are quite an active little fish.

That being said however, if you did go for it I'd say have 1 or 2 males only and then the rest females to make up 6 fish. The males will cmpete with each other which can be entertaining to watch but they are peaceful so i'd be surprised if they caused any injuries.

having another male will often lead to brighter colours as they compete, and the addition of females would give them even greater reason to brighten up.

Live plants are great for them, but they also like some open swimming space so a little bit of aquascaping will need to be done, which I'm sure you won't mind. They are prone to nibbling plants so don't put in anything too delicate.

crazy4fish 01-21-2008 08:33 AM

i have a pair of cherrys right now and they are very active. i would put more than 6 in a 12 gallon and i agree with Falina when she said 2 males and the rest females. they like plants but do need a bit of open water. mine love to hang in a rock "structure" i have set up. they are great fish and i hope you have fun with them.

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