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Philnominal 08-04-2012 10:36 AM

Threadfin Tankmates
I grabbed a few threadfin rainbows for a 29 gallon (lightly planted but adding more plants) I had a betta sorority in. (Those girls just got a huge upgrade and are now in my 75 gallon) I Grabbed two pair as that is what the store was selling them as at the time, i should have checked to see if they would sell me females separate at a discount (many of their rainbows were being sold as X for female 2x for male and 3x for the pair). I am planning at the least getting 2 more females, possibly 4 more and another male. I was just wondering what would make good tankmates for them?

I was thinking neon tetra but I already have a school of them in my 75 and I also would like to maybe do some red cherry shrimp in the tank. Also is there any small "centerpiece" fish that get along with them well. I believe in the profile here is says dwarf cichlids so would an apisto harem or bolivian rams work out well? What about something like honey gouramies?

(Open to any and all suggestions)

Olympia 08-04-2012 10:40 AM

Hi. :3
My threadfin tank mate ideas include... Celebes rainbowfish, fork tail blue eyes, corydoras.. Right now I'm getting marble hatchet fish.. These are a very delicate fish so you have to be careful choosing tank mates.
I had gotten bumblebee gobies and the tail of a male threadfin dissapeared (gobies got taken back).
I also have African dwarf frogs in the tank...
The threadfins, I don't really feed. Occasionally I crush up pellets occasionally but they will live off the biology of a planted tank mostly. Curious if your group is eating anything. If your tank is well planted, you should see them chasing around invisible entities (their food). :-P

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