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chriscolumbus 01-17-2008 06:42 AM

Quick question about Emerald Mithrax
I had bought 2 of these guys right at the end of my first cycling and they have been fine.. I havent added any more live rock for about a month now.. Today I came home and found a green emerald mithrax shell on a piece of LR.. But I couldnt believe how big my other guy (crab) had gotten.... well tonight I was looking around after the lights were out and found another one.. I only purchased 2, do they shed or grow or did i just find a hitchhiker that possibly killed one of the little guys.. he is extreamly large.. though about throwing him in a pot with some crab boil.. Just kidding.. he is about 2" big other guy is about 1" big

SKAustin 01-17-2008 01:55 PM

Heh Heh Heh, You fell into the same assumption as I did at first. The Emerald Crab does indeed shed its entire shell. The remenants look so much like the crab that you will think one has passed away. There is little if any chance that you would obtain an Emerald Crab as a hitchhiker. As the Crabs grow, you will see this happen several more times. Just fish out the old shell and discard it.

Just wait until they get fully grown and start pushing your LR over.!.!.!

dallops_of_polyps 02-19-2008 09:25 PM

yes most crabs and shrimp shed i thought my coral banded shrimp died when i saw hermits feasting on his sheddings.

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