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Drift 08-03-2012 10:45 AM

Glass surfing?
I bought 6 three lined cory's 1 week ago. They have been constantly glass surfing. I thought it may have been stress from being in a new tank and limited the amount of time the lights were on for a few days. I feel they should have settled in by now.
They are constantly up and down the side of the glass, 2-3 of them at a time.The other ones will be doing what cory's do, swimming around the bottom, the driftwood, and on the plants. Not in a group either but spread out across the tank.
The only time I see them all in a group is when I'm doing a water change they all settle into a little group in the corner and hide.

Is there something I can do to get them to settle down?

Also whats the best for food? I've tried algae wafers and New Life Spectrum h20 wafers and they just fall apart and muck up the tank. I see the pond snails and shrimp picking at them more than anything.

DKRST 08-03-2012 03:54 PM

Normal behavior, don't worry about it!
I feed shrimp pellets and some other "bottom feeder pellets", and that seems to work well. Cory's don't need the algae wafers, but they'll pick at them. Flake food works also, as long as it makes it to the bottom of the tank.

Drift 08-03-2012 08:48 PM

Thanks, makes me feel better knowing that they're not all stressed out and that its normal. :)

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