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Tali 08-03-2012 10:38 AM

20 gal long lake tang questions
I just put my little koi in my new pond so my 20 gal long is now free! I am set on a lake tang set up but i have a few questions i just cant seem to find answers to. Just to give you an idea on set up: i have african cichlid sand, rock with holes and limestone thin rocks along the back and i will have one side wall covered in rocks to make caves all the way to the top. I'm also hoping to put in some native plants. I definitely want a shell dwelling cichlid ( whatever one i can find) and i was wondering if i could do 1-2 gombe to live among the rocks. Also is there a fish native to lake tang that would swim at the top of the tank? Will that be too much? I'm hoping with enough rocks, shells and some plants the fish will feel safe and not so aggressive to each other. Any help would be great!

My tank is being set up now ( but it has been running since i took out my koi) and i will not put fish in till i get the right ph and hardness. This will be my first cichlid tank, if you cant already tell i'm new to them:lol:

Tazman 08-04-2012 04:26 PM

Just so you know, you will be only able to keep one pair of "Julies" - Julidochromis marlieri (Gombe) in that tank and NOTHING else. If you can get a mated pair, then great but if not get 7-10 juveniles and wait for a pair to form.

Once a pair forms you MUST remove ALL the other fish as the male of the pair will go nuts and potentially kill everything else. They are one of a few cichlids who actually pair off for life. Do not even attempt to keep more than one pair in a tank less than 75g, it will be sheer hell and dead fish quickly.

Another thing as well, if you get a mated pair, NEVER re arrange the tank decor once the pair is settled in. They get extremely stressed and it can cause the male to turn on the female and kill her.

They are nice fish to keep but they require close monitoring particularly if you have not got a pair. They are quite unique as they will hang upside down from a rock cave and they sometimes swim sideways which is hilarious to watch.

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