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kroum 08-03-2012 01:13 AM

Fluval G Series
I was wondering who uses either the G3 or the G6 in their tank.

I just bought a G3 because I'm a sucker for geeky tech equipment and because I want to eventually get a larger tank... and because it was on sale.$250 on amazon.

My tank is 20 gallons, moderately planted, and with 6 green neon tetras and 2 guppies.

This filter at full strength creates a whirlpool, but luckily it has a ball valve built in with a lever that allows me to vary the flow rate.

I literally just set it up and will keep the current over the top filter in place for a month or so.

So, what are your experiences, observations, tips,tricks, problems, praises?

It is very quiet...: )

kroum 08-04-2012 11:13 PM

A few observations after a couple of days:

Still think it is very quiet.

Being able to see the temperature vs time graph for just 2 days was very informative and I think will allow me to fine tune my heater to reduce the temperature variance as much as possible.

The tank has not been cleaner and clearer before. Water is like air. Might have something to do with the fact that it is overkill for a 20 gallon tank.

I cleaned their side of the glass of the tank yesterday which kicked up a bunch of very fine particles and made the water cloudy. Turned the filter flow up to ~60% which is the maximum that I can have before plants start flying and before my eyes, the water became crystal clear in under 30 seconds. Sweet...

Normally I run it at ~30% percent and have one of the outlets deflect off of some java moss, and the other one blows water towards the front of the tank.

The only even remotely negative thing about it is that when I have it on full blast, it blows out a bunch of bubbles every 15 seconds. This may well be due to the hoses being too long and having to bend. In the manual, it says that this may happen in a similar situation. Good thing I never use it anywhere close to 100% throttle.

Coincidentally, my nitrite levels finally dropped to barely registering from a steady 2ppm for a week. The new filter I don't think had anything to do with this though. I'm just happy that my water is no longer poisoning the fish.

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