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pelcofresh 01-16-2008 03:30 PM

New Tank Water ok?
First of i am seting up a 65 gallon fresh water. Presently i am running a 25 gallon fresh. All plastic Plants,Rocks,Decorations have been added already, and i am using an established bio wheel. 12 Rasboras 4 platys one pelco.
The tank has already spiked in Ammonia, and Nitrite both reading spiked then fell down to almost zero. Wondering if that means it is safe to add fish. My nitrate, read about 8/9 ppm for the past 3 days. Am i done? will i stress my fish out by adding them to there new home, or wait untill my reading go a little higher that 8? All water changes / evaps came from my old established tank. I have removed the filters from my bio wheels for fear of harming my cycle. am i ok to put them back in. Any help would be great thanks. :D

fish_4_all 01-16-2008 10:55 PM

Watch for ammonia and nitrites for 1 week. if they stay at zero for 1 week then the cycle should be done. Put the filters back as they will also have bacteria on them and removing them could cause a cycle. If they dried out then watch really close for ammonia and nitrites as they may have a large amount of bacteria on them.

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