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Pearl2011 08-01-2012 10:54 PM

Cardinal Tetras
Are you able to feed then fruit? And if so what kind? There will be cucumber in the tank for the farlowella and dont want to hurt them. What else should I feed them? I will ad them after the cories and I right now have flake food and freeze dried blood worms. Should I get frozen blood worms?? I know people say there gross but it doesn't bother me.
Any other important things I should know?

Byron 08-05-2012 11:46 AM

Generally speaking, any food suitable for any particular fish species will be fine if any other fish species eats it. All tetra will naturally eat fruits falling from trees and shrubs in the rainforest, to varying degrees.

Frozen bloodworms are fine, but only as a treat once a week. They are high in protein and fat and should not be fed often (this applies to all worms). Daphnia, frozen or live, will likely be eaten by most tetra and is an excellent food. And brine shrimp of course, frozen or live.

Freeze dried foods should also only be treats. Some suggest soaking them in water before feeding to prevent the food from expanding inside the fish and causing problems. The majority of flake foods now available are of high quality and provide all nutritional needs for most fish. Include at least one veggie-based (spirulina, kelp, etc) flake.


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