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Sylverclaws 07-31-2012 09:55 AM

Is my Creamsicle Molly pregnant?
I have this creamsicle molly, pretty good sized fish. I was told it was a male. I've recently found out I was misinformed on several of my fish. I have a male dalmation lyretail that ended up being female as well, and I was told it was a male. lol So I have ended up, I think, with two male fish, a Silver Molly, and a Gold Dust Molly, and four or five females, which is good. I was new with fish when I got them all, so I didn't know having all males could be disasterous should I have less females. So this works out in my favor. However, I had gotten some help figuring things out, but I still an unable to tell.

Anywho, sorry this is a bit long. My Creamsicle molly has gotten....either very pregnant, or obese. I don't over-feed them so if it's just fat, something isn't right. I give them a pinch of food twice a day. Bloodworms once a day and tropical fish flakes twice a day. Very little goes to the snails.
I have a video because getting a photo of the fish is difficult, it moves so fast. It does in the video as well, so I am not sure any of you can help me. I hope you can, I intend to remove the fish if it's a pregnant female once it's about to pop, and it looks like it's about to pop it's so huge! It's been getting bigger and bigger for about two weeks or so now. It's always been big, but now it's just ridiculous. It's bigger now than it was in the video.
One of my gold dust mollies, the one that is long and slender, and much smaller than my rounder larger one, gave birth today. I thought it was a male and the other a female! It barely had a tummy. But because of this, I only saved one of the fry. =( It's normal, yeah, but I like to save as many as possible and be prepared. So if you can see it properly, I know it's hard even with the youtube shake fix, please help me out. ^_^

You will have to go to the actual link, this site doesn't seem able to play it without making it super bright. Maybe it's just me. Sorry for the trouble.

Sylverclaws 07-31-2012 03:45 PM

dmuddle 07-31-2012 07:23 PM

Dude I would say so, she looks very large for an average molly but the pictures are rather blurry so I can't see a definite gravid and am just going by size, but I am suspecting that she is pregnant :)

dmuddle 07-31-2012 07:26 PM

But reading what you feed them in one day, dude I very muchly think that yo are over feeding them. I would feed them maybe a pinch of food flakes once every 1 and a half days. But I still think that she is pregnant.

Sylverclaws 07-31-2012 07:34 PM


Originally Posted by dmuddle (Post 1179585)
But reading what you feed them in one day, dude I very muchly think that yo are over feeding them. I would feed them maybe a pinch of food flakes once every 1 and a half days. But I still think that she is pregnant.

I was told to feed them a small pinch of food three times a day. ^^; And as much as they can eat within a minute for the bloodworms. However, I've only been giving them a small pinch twice per day. By small I mean maybe a bloodworm or two per fish and two flakes per fish, I usually take two big flakes and crunch them up for the fish. That is too much for nine fish? o_o;; None of my other fishies are chubby, except the girls that gave birth in the last month. They got thin the day after babies happened, and then poof again within the next week. lol The rest are normal aside from that Creamsicle. I will have to change their feedings then. As you can probably tell, I'm newish to fish, and until I came online to ask things, I was kinda going by the labels or what other fish keepers have told me. There's never too much wasted food in the tank, I figured I was doing it right.

Darkknight20 08-03-2012 11:19 PM

She seems to be pregnant. And crushing 2 flakes for for 9 babies seems to be the right amount of food. I feed my baby mollies(i have 15) 3 crushed flakes 2 twice a day.

Sylverclaws 08-21-2012 05:13 AM

She was actually not pregnant. lol She had a whole algae wafer to herself, which I think she does often...Usually I drop in an algae wafer when I go to bed every other night for my cory's. I was told if I shut off the lights, my mollies shouldn't be going for it...seems she had other ideas. LOL I caught her, so I started breaking them up for the cories. It's actually good for the mollies to have some algae I hear, more of that than other foods. Unfortunatly it makes my water murky for a few hours. x.x She slimed down since I started doing that. I learn something new just about every day. ^_^; However, she's pregnant now, or going to be, since I caught her flirting with my mail black sail-fin! Makes me happy, she finally found someone who can be in her space more than ten seconds without running him off. She likes her space, but I wouldn't say she is aggressive, she just hates when the other fish push up against her for too long.

Sylverclaws 08-21-2012 10:16 AM

Ugh, it'd be really nice if I could stop typoing and misspelling. Mail. lol Male* How come if you leave the page you can't edit your posts? =o Oh well, sorry guys! I've gotta stop staying up for days at a time with only short naps. I think my greatest typo of all time would have to be "Locket Rauncher" though. LOL Just thought I'd say that before someone annihilated me for that "Mail" thing. ^^;

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