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GregV 01-15-2008 08:21 PM

Looking for a Rundown on Galaxy Rasbora
Hey Guys,

I finally got my hands on a beautiful threesome of galaxy rasbora - all my lfs had :(.

I've read through a lot of information, seems like the little ones are pretty hardy and somewhat easy to breed

Right now the trio are in my well planted 10 gallon tank, and im just looking for some general advice from those who are more experienced with this wonderful fish.

My first question is about flow through the tank. Right now the tank has a penguin mini filter on it, which does a very good job. My concern is over the flow the filter puts back into the aquarium. When the filter is set to max output - the only way the wheel will spin, it creates almost a waterfall effect in the tank, one half of the water is moving downwards - the other half is being pushed up, this seems to constantly put the galaxies in a water column and they have to make slight adjustments to keep their position or find a "deadspot" in the tank - I was wondering if current was an issue with these fish? do they like flowing water, or are the stressed by it?. I was thinking if maybe fixing a sponge to the lip of the filter to slow this flow down.

Also I have what seems to be a male and female and they seem to be paired - or thats what im wondering, the male will chase the female in circles for a couple of seconds then stop and swim away, the female will then fallow him for a while until this repeats itself. now i do not yet have a javamoss bed in the tank so i was curious if this is courting behavior or not.

next question - I was wondering as to what the water parameter and temperatures people on this forum are keeping these lovely microrasboras at - there doesn't seem to be much information avalibe on it.

lastly i was just curious the diet people had them on, right now i was thinking a mixture of powdered flake, frozen brine, vegetable flake, and live brine. - will these little guys eat stuff like ground up lettuce and other vegetables?

Thanks for your time

herefishy 01-15-2008 09:12 PM

Ok. Firstly, three will not be enough. My colonies are currently in 30g breeders with about 20-25 fish each. I am running (2) twin sponge billi-type filters. There is quite a lot of elodea in the tanks, mainly to protect the young fry. I have had no incidents of the parents cannibalizing the young, but why take the chance? Tanks are kept around 80-82 degrees F. PH is a flat 7.0. I experimented early on, but found this to be the best. At one time, I had all 5 tanks running all with different water conditions.

Once breeding starts, they are costantly spraying eggs. To sex them, the male is noticeably thinner and more colorful. Beware, though, the female is also a very gorgeous fish in her own right.

As for using a powerfilter, liked I said, I use billi type sponge filters. I have never tried any other method with these fish.

Feeding these fish is pretty straight forward. A good, high quality flake food is the satple. I occasionally feed live baby brine shimp, live microworms(whiteworms), crushed freese dried blood worms, and tubifex worms. These are fed about two feedings a week, sometimes three.

GregV 01-15-2008 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by herefishy
Ok. Firstly, three will not be enough.

Yeah I was hopeing for 12-15 total in the 10 gallon, i wasnt planning on breeding them until i was comfortable with them. When all said and done - do you think that in a 10 gallon that would suffice?

i also have an empy 55 i could use for a very large colony, but there is alot of current in this tank. I beleave galaxys are from ponds/small lakes so i really am unsure if current stresses them this is my major concern.

what do you use to keep your ph at 7? anything special?.

thanks again


herefishy 01-15-2008 10:12 PM

My 30g breeders are the same footprint as a 55g. These fish are actually found in relartively slow moving water, similar to a rice paddy. 1-15 in a 10g tank is a little tight. A 20g long may be better. I am fortunate, in that, my water is a flat 7 right out of the tap.

GregV 01-15-2008 11:22 PM

lucky, my ph is high 7's in my city.

hmm i might just use the 55 for breeding when i decide to go for it.

for now maybe 8 or so galaxies in the 10 should be alright.

thanks alot for the info.

any other comments are apreciated.


GregV 01-16-2008 07:51 PM

hmm looking into swtiching to a sponge filter for the tank, Commercial product wize what do you think would be the best route?


herefishy 01-19-2008 12:56 AM

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