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velgore 07-30-2012 07:09 AM

my fish are haveing trouble
hi every one.

i have just lost my first fish to white spot. i have treated my tank 40l with 5ml of white spot treatment. inside my tank i now have 4 serpea tetra 3 harlequin rosebora 2 bristle nose catfish and 2 phantom glass catfish. is there any reason why it has sudenly apeared and any other means to hlep prevent it.

i have also noticed that i have a small amount of black algee growing on my 4 plants. how can i get rid of this and some ways to prevent this would be great.

my shop tanks are doing great. nitrate lvls have gone down :)

Byron 07-30-2012 11:45 AM

On the algae, this is due solely to light. If the overhead tank light is greater in intensity and/or duration than what the live plants can use in balance with nutrients, algae takes advantage.

On the ich, this parasite appears when fish are stressed. Often new arrivals which are obviously highly stressed will cause an outbreak, but any stressful situation in an aquarium can cause ich.

I don't know what product you are using, but one of the easiest treatments is simply raising the temperature. If the fish species can manage with 90F, holding this temp for a week can deal with ich. If it is a particularly bad infestation, adding an appropriate product (depending upon the fish) may help.

If the fish cannot manage at this high a temp, raise it to whatever level they can tolerate for a week (I use around 85F) and use an appropriate remedy. I have had good luck with Coppersafe which is not as potent as some remedies and sensitive fish seem better able to handle this.


velgore 07-30-2012 05:02 PM

thank you. i will try and trurn my lights of earlyer. and raise the temp of my tank.

i will post a update later on what happens. :)

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