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TXGargoyle 08-06-2006 05:57 PM

Glass vs Plastic Aquariums? Plus and Minus
Not sure which is best for Reef Tank. Any suggestions?[/b]

SimplySplendid 08-06-2006 06:03 PM

I would go with glass. People seem to have problems with plastic. I think glass is more durable.

Lupin 08-06-2006 06:11 PM

Plastic tanks are better off for breeding and quarantine purposes.
They scratch too easily and let alone planning live rocks and corals.

Go with the glass tanks. Not worth keeping plastic ones.

Rebecca 08-06-2006 06:21 PM

Plus glass is aethestetically pleasing and looks a lot nicer than plastic, especially in a tank that is larger than like...5 gallons. Well, salt tanks at least.

Lupin 08-07-2006 05:58 AM

I wonder who chose the plastic one.:?
With salties, you are mostly recommended to start with a 300 liters tank than below 200 liters. With plastic, what's the use of that with again, the corals and live rocks? Those things will of course, scratch the plastic material thus making the plastic tank more liable to go into disasters.

I'd rate both as ten.
Plastic=minus :wink:

joeshmoe 08-07-2006 09:16 AM

lol That was me i ment to hit glass. srry :?

usmc121581 08-07-2006 09:20 AM

I agree with blue with I scratching and if you have corals they need stronger light as MH or T5's. Me pesonally I wouldn't trust MH's with plastic tanks anyway beause the MH's get so hot.

TXGargoyle 08-12-2006 02:31 PM

Thank you
Thanks a lot.... that makes my decision a lot easier

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