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tylerlol123 01-13-2008 08:11 PM

Ok, I have a 38 gallontropical freswater non-aggresive tank....

4 neon tetras
6 cardinal tetras
1 male dwarf gourami
2 honey sunset gouramis
3 dalmation mollys
4 lyretails
6 guppys
2 rubber lip plecos

Everything seems to be doing fine... but...

1. What other fish would you reccomend?
2. Do you see any problems or anything I should know?
3. Can/Should I get anther male dwarf gourami?
4. I have no live plants... I have maybe 5 pregnant fish(lol) and I'm going out to Petsmart to get some plants, and keep in mind that I am the biggest n00b to plants ever, but I guess java moss is an easy starter? What else will look nice and clean, take up soome and be somewhat easy to take care of. Right now I have a peice od wood type thing a ship and a skull, taking up maybe 50% of the floor and fake plants taking up maybe another 10 percent. I want to get some nice plants and evetnually get rid of 1 or 2 applianances...
5. My neon tetras are changing colors and dimming at times of the day, I guess this is normal?
6. Can I feed my fish a lemon, orange ,lime or whatver like hanging on the side of the aquarium like I saw some goldfish eating last year in

Oh, I have a heater set around 78 and a filter, etc and my water is checked and is good for my fish, I do have salt if thats needed. My light is on at night and I pretty much have a good routine going...

I'm not a n00b, just regarding breeding and plants, I mean I just need some help with these things. Thanks so much!

Oh, and can you relply in a 1) 2) format....

Lupin 01-13-2008 10:54 PM

Welcome to

1. You seem pretty well-stocked. No need to add more fish. If you see any resulting fry from your mollies and guppies, let them survive on their own. Livebearers are very prolific and it won't be easy accommodating all the fry unless you have the money to buy more tanks and raise them.

2. I don't see any problems with your stocklist but I would suggest providing several floating plants for the gouramis to define their territories. They get aggressive with each other when establishing their territories.

3. You should not get another male dwarf gouramis. Males are aggressive with each other. Your tank is too small to accommodate two males trying to defend each other's territories.

4. Java moss are easy to keep and easy to grow. Please be sure to take some pictures and ask which plants are truly aquatic. If the employees cannot answer you, avoid buying the plants on impulse. Research again if you are not sure the plants are aquatic or terrestrial. A lot of "big box" stores often sell plants that are not truly aquatic which when submersed will rot over time. Be on the lookout for "ferns", Mondo grass and Dracaena. All of these will rot when submersed. There is a sticky thread in Freshwater Plants section that you should look for regarding non-aquatic plants.

Hygrophilas, vallisnerias, elodeas, cryptocoryne, Nymphaea and anubias are undemanding. What is your lighting system? Do not be surprised if the Nymphaea appear to be dying. They have dormant periods and will grow again when the time comes. Be prepared to see your crypts appear to "melt". Cryptocoryne rot is common among crypt plants and should recover over time. Make sure you buy healthy plants where the leaves are not yellowish or bearing holes.

5. All fish can change their colors according to their mood, when stressed or when resting. That is normal.

6. Hmmm...Never tried those mentioned but I am sure these are acidic. I'll leave this one to the rest to answer.

Keep that salt away from your tank until needed. We don't recommend adding salt unless you have diseases to treat it with.

herefishy 01-14-2008 12:12 AM

1. Your tank looks pretty full to me, especially with live bearers in the tank. They will have offspring on a pretty regular basis.
2. Stock list ok.
3. No more male gouramis.
4. Elodea, swords, vals, anubius, crypts.
5. Fright and/or stress patterns are a natural occurance.
6. Try fresh spinach or zucchini. Citrus fruits should be fed sparingly.

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